‘Great I love your product, I see some synergy between both platforms. Let’s integrate together!

API integration has become a must to have for startups to scale and reach new markets or users. Yes, API integration is sexy but not every time. In this article, we won’t deep dive into the technical aspects of integrating two systems together. We will analyze API integration from a product perspective and understand the challenges and benefits they provide!

❓Part 1: Do I need to do an API integration?❓

Before getting to the heart of the matter, the first question to be solved is “Do I need to do an API integration?”. API integration…

Already few years since my last article (Here)! I hope my last story inspired you to get into the startup world or to invest time in what you are passionate about.

So … if you ask me my friend why I woke up and wrote a new article after four years without writing anything? It took a certain time for me to observe, to experiment, to cultivate some knowledge in order to share meaningful articles. I write when I feel I have something to say.

What are we going to talk about today? Unfortunately for you guys, it’s not an…

“Life is made of choices”

What a stupid phrase you would probably tell me. Definitively, you must have heard it a hundred times from your parents or movies. It might not be the best way to start my first article with that sentence but I think that behind this boring expression there is a tangible reality: choices define you. You are responsible for what you are doing. From the moment you decide to do something or not, you make choices.

Choices are defined by fours parameters:

- What choice?

- Why?

- When?

- How?

It’s not an easy task…

Sina Azimi

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